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Termite Swarms in Louisiana Blot Out Radar

Formosan Termites, Termite Swarms

It is common knowledge among our termite exterminators and inspectors that termite swarms number in the millions and make up massive clouds that are large enough to be downright scary. However, only recently did we discover that these swarms are so large and dense that they can show up on radar screens. Thanks to the […]

Baton Rouge Termites On Their Way

Formosan Termites, Termite Inspections, Termite Swarms, Termites

The Advocate does not usually report on termite or pest-related issues, so you know it must be bad when they warn, “Termites start swarming in New Orleans area, Baton Rouge could be plagued soon.” We’ve already seen evidence of termite swarms in Baton Rouge and surrounding communities, but the brunt of the swarming is yet […]

Subterranean Termite Facts:


Diet:Termites eat wood, wallpaper, plastics and fabric made from plants. Habitat:Subterranean termites need contact with the soil to survive. They live in underground colonies or in wet areas aboveground. They build tunnels to reach food and every spring, groups of reproductive termites fly off to start new colonies. Impact:Subterranean termites are the most destructive kind […]

Flower beds and termites: How to protect your home.


According to the LSU Agriculture Center, there are over 10 colonies of subterranean termites per acre in Louisiana. The odds are stacked against the homeowner. However, whether you are a do-it yourselfer or you pay a termite company to protect your home from termites; there are a few things you can do to lessen the […]

Assassin Bug


This Assassin Bug was on the post of our newly built deck a few days ago. Assassin Bugs are ambush predators that feed on other bugs. They are usually found out doors and vary in size from 1/4 inch to an inch long.¬†Although they don’t normally feed on humans, they can pierce human skin with […]

Honey Bees

bees, Insects

Jared captured this photo using his iPhone while doing a termite treatment in Prairieville. What a great picture! Thanks, Jared!