Mosquito Abatement

Prevent Mosquitoes from Ruining your Backyard

It’s time to make parties and other outdoor gatherings more pleasant for you and your guests. Mosquito abatement decreases the number of mosquitoes on your property for a short amount of time. It can last for several days—depending on the amount of rainfall and standing water in your area.

Having a Large Event?

We highly recommend treating your backyard or event space for mosquitoes. Our technicians can service fields and outdoor areas for your event, to ensure your outdoor wedding, company barbecue, child’s birthday party, and more are free from those pesky, biting insects!

For events, call (225) 791-9911 for details.
How Does Mosquito Abatement Work?

One of our technicians will come to your property with a misting machine. We can cover large areas to ensure our mist will integrate into the surrounding foliage. For average neighborhood homes, this service takes 20-30 minutes to cover the front and backyard. Once the product dries, it is safe to play outdoors—100% kids and pet-friendly! Abatement costs start at $70/month.

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