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Tawny (Rasberry) Crazy Ants


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Tawny Crazy Ant

The Crazy Ants

We’ve had a few calls lately from customers with an “ant problem.” But when our technicians arrived to do the service, they didn’t find the typical ant infestation. Instead, they found hundreds of thousands of Tawny Rasberry¬†Ants (also known as Rasberry Ants, named after Tom Rasberry, a Houston¬†pest control operator)! Because of the incredibly large number of Tawny Crazy Ants in a colony, they are actually displacing fire ants.

These ants can be concerning because of the sheer numbers they swarm in. Even if they do not bite or poison anyone, their numbers can appear quite scary. Of course, they do still create damages to infrastructure of homes and houses.

Thankfully, these ants don’t sting; but they are a serious nuisance as they cause damage to electrical boxes, air conditioners, etc.

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