The 411 About Termite Control In Gonzales, LA


The 411 About Termite Control In Gonzales, LA

Gonzales, Louisiana is home to the famous Jambalaya festival since 1968, but it also is home to something not as nationally appealing…termites! Termites love Louisiana weather due to the humid and often damp climate. These wet conditions make it an ideal breeding ground for pesky critters of all kinds. 

That being said, it is important to reduce moisture in or around your home whenever possible to stop potential breeding grounds. Though repairing leaking faucets and weatherstripping is a good start for termite prevention, it is still in your best interest to allow a professional to do a thorough inspection of your home. That is where our experienced team at Arceneaux Pest Management comes into play. Do yourself a favor and hire the best for termite control in Gonzales at Arceneaux. 

How Much Is A Termite Inspection?

When there comes a time for a professional termite inspection, the costs may seem daunting. Although, according to the LSU Ag Center, termites cause over one billion dollars in termite damage every year to Louisiana homes and businesses. Taking part in our free termite inspection can help you avoid these hefty charges by checking your home before disaster strikes.

Luckily, we offer annual termite inspections to keep your home safe year after year. By state law, this requires one initial termite treatment prior to a contract being signed. Afterward, this can be renewed on an annual basis if you desire so. We’ll come take a look and let you know exactly what needs to be done, we don’t charge to come out and let you know the diagnosis. We need to treat the home initially to protect it, and then we keep a close eye on it year after year. Once this annual plan comes into play, we only treat your home when there’s proof of termites. And don’t stress about the costs! We pride ourselves on being nearly half the price of most national groups. You can’t beat that!

Also, did you know we offer a damage repair contract for homes that qualify? We do this to keep your home covered between our home inspections. Keep your home covered between our home inspections. At Arceneaux, we believe that you deserve to have this peace of mind. Learn more about our commitment to excellence by checking out more about our company! 

Our Termite Control 

In the unfortunate event that your Gonzales home has become a B&B for termites, we have two main courses of action to dish out the pain on these unwanted squatters. Depending on the situation, either course is a viable option:

  • The Knock Out (aka The Termidor Treatment)—the most common and extremely effective treatment that utilizes liquid termiticide. This is the best choice for killing an infestation and preventing future colonies from populating.  
  • On the flip side, a more gradual alternative is utilizing the baiting “Bait and Wait” method. We install and maintain a termite baiting system that lets termites take the termiticide to works wonders for smaller jobs and when we cannot pinpoint where the colony is living.

Both of these methods bank on the termites’ insatiable appetites. So, let them eat cake! The idea is that the termites eat a termiticide-laced feast and then bring the food back to the colony for one last family dinner before each member is killed off. Post-treatment we provide a follow up to make sure you’re satisfied. We want to keep your home termite-free for years to come or your treatment is free. So the big question is, what are you waiting for? 

Get A Free Quote For Termite Control In Gonzales, LA

Call our Arceneaux team at (225) 791-9911 for the quality termite control you know you deserve. Have a question for us about our services or products? No problem—send us your questions online or by phone. Our goal is to make your home termite-free forever. So, start the process by applying for a free quote. Arceneaux says “NEAUX” to unwanted guests!

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