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As you see here, bugs and pests can be a real problem.

With Arceneaux Pest Services, you won’t have to worry about any of it.

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After two quotes from Terminix & Orkin both over $4,000 for termite treatment I would highly recommend Arceneaux Pest Management! They dud the same treatment with the same chemical and was only $712. Joe one of the owners came out and did the inspection and quote himself. He didn’t just say I had signs of termites like the other companies he actually showed them to me. The technicians that came today were very fast and courteous. Any one showing signs of termites inside or out should definitely give them their business.

Eric Blackburn – Southpoint


I scheduled Arceneaux Pest Management for termite treatment of my home on 21 May 2012 and the technicians that came out, Ray and Chris, were very friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. They did a great job in a short period of time. I was a bit concerned about the trenching (shovel work) around my house and how it would look after the job was complete but they left everything just as it was before and in some places even better. I will highly recommend Arceneaux Pest Management in the future.
Dan Bellard


My family moved from New Orleans to Baton Rouge and we needed to find a pest control company for our new home. After studying all the reviews on Angie’s list, Arceneaux Pest Management really stood out among the other companies. Joe Arceneaux (owner) came out himself and inspected our home. As he inspected, he explained everything to us in detail. We knew we chose the right company after spending a few minutes with Joe. He didn’t just try to pitch things to us to get us to choose his company. He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about his trade. He explained how the treatment process worked and made us felt at ease about concerns we had. We asked dozens of questions about different insects in around our home and he spent time explaining what they were and which ones were of concern. He is a walking insect encyclopedia! We did not feel rushed through the process. Joe made sure that all of our questions were answered before leaving.

We scheduled treatment for the following week.
We have a retention pond located behind our home. We had been getting lots of rain and Joe did not want to pollute the pond with chemicals so he made sure to treat our home when it was safe for us, our pets and the pond. This required two visits to safely treat the house.

When you set up an appt. with Joe and his people, rest assured, they will be there on time. They keep you informed of everything being done and you can see they really take pride in their work.

My wife and I discovered some really dangerous looking spiders in our garage. We took pictures of them and emailed the pictures to Joe. He responded to us within a half hour on a Saturday night! One of his techs scheduled an appt. with us to get a better look. He came out and inspected one of the spiders we caught. Turns out it wasn’t anything dangerous and he explained that we could treat or simply knock the webs away as we saw them. Keep in mind, they could have made money off of telling us we needed to be treated, but they explained exactly what they were and that there was no need to worry. Keep in mind that all of this was done free of charge!

Joe and his company are like that old fashioned companies of years ago that put the customer first, but they take advantage of the newest and best technology out there. You will get the best of both if you choose Arceneaux.

Thanks Joe and company!
Mitch and Cheree’ Bodden


I actually don’t need an estimate. I just wanted to write to say how satisfied I am with your service.

Almost a year ago I started noticing bites on my arms. They only itched a little but the marks they left were massive. New ones appeared every morning so I took notice. I squished an odd insect and decided to look it up online. My suspicions were confirmed and my heart stopped: Bed Bugs. But I knew EXACTLY who to call.

I had battled German Cockroaches for years to no avail. The complex I was in previously used Terminex (they have since switched to Arceneaux). Finally sick and tired of them, I decided to go around the contract with Terminex and use Arceneaux. A superb gentleman named Mike treated my unit for the roaches and, within a week, they were gone. Not long after, my cat picked up fleas from outside (I used off-brand flea protection. My mistake). I called Arceneaux once more and inquired about the flea treatments. Mike, again, treated the place and the fleas were take care of. Arceneaux was now “two for two” where Terminex was lacking. You became my exterminator of choice.

Back to last summer, I found out that trying to deal with bed bugs yourself is a risky act. I turned, again, to Arceneaux. Mike was (and still is) incredibly knowledgeable and answered all my questions with a professional attitude and a passion for the job. He not only told me what I needed to know, but also put my anxious (read: terrified) mind at ease. I was given a list of instructions and followed them to a ‘T’. The treatment is intensive but effective. Mike followed up the treatment to make sure the bugs were gone. When I received the “all clear” I moved back. After the treatment the bugs were eliminated. I did not say pacified, neutralized, checked, or offset. I said ELIMINATED. The bites stopped immediately. My sanity returned.

Ever since the treatment I have raved to anybody who would listen about Arceneaux. I tell of how you care for your customers, how you never leave a job half done, and how you are the most effective treatment program available. Kudos to you, Arceneaux.

Tom Schiebe



    5 star review  Respectable, honest and knowledgeable. Great company to do business with.

    thumb Mandy Day

    5 star review  Arceneaux Pest Mgmt took care of my termite issue thoroughly and with professionalism and courtesy. I highly recommend them!

    thumb Nannette Briggs

    5 star review  I was amazed with the service! These people are honest, polite and have a lot of knowledge. I'm super thankful my parents referred me to them.

    thumb Bridget Manuel

    5 star review  We moved into a new home and requested recommendations for a great pest control company in Ascension Parish that could service our new home quarterly. Received a lot of feedback for Arceneaux Pest Control off the facebook group, Ascension Business Report. So pleased we chose them! Jared Arceneaux was our tech that came out and he explained everything he was using and the whole process. He also answered all questions we had and was professional/on time! Highly recommend.

    thumb Danielle Costea

    5 star review  Checked out the issues at my Mom's house. Everything turned out fine and she was able to stop worrying about the termites that she found. They were part of a swarm only and home is clear.

    thumb Brenda Temple (Cardinal Realty Services)

    5 star review  very nice and was thorough in explaining issues and areas of infestation.

    thumb David Elk

    5 star review  Exceptional service and professional staff. Would definitely recommend to everyone I know.

    thumb wendy d

    5 star review  This company is top-notch! You will not and I repeat, will not, beat their customer service! From the person that answers the phone, to the owner and his son. They are the best. I had an issue with some rotting wood and was really scared about it possibly being unfound termites. They drove out for no charge and came and inspected the damage and assured me it was nothing to do with termites. Also asssured me that if damage occurs while my house is being treated, they would take care of the damages. It's a no-lose situation with this company. Highly recommended

    thumb Kevin Meche

    5 star review  They are really really nice people! No matter what you need...they are there to help. We have used them for the last 5 years and have never had one complaint about the quality of their work and the respect they give to their customers. We have recommended them to several other people we know and they are just as satisfied as we are. Would highly recommend them!

    thumb Debbie Pate

    5 star review  Arceneaux pest are very responsive, and very supportive. Their prices are very competitive and their service is great. Would recommend for everyone.

    thumb Bassem Wissa