Mosquito Foggers

Mosquitos are a notorious Louisiana pests; their bites are annoying, itchy, and they are often carriers of disease. Left to their own devices, mosquito populations can quickly get out of control and with the wet, warm Louisiana weather, standard home remedies often aren’t enough. Whether it’s for a wedding, crawfish boil, family reunion, or just to keep your backyard safe and comfortable, Arceneaux uses backpack foggers to control your mosquito population.

Backpack foggers mist a product over a large area in order to eliminate mosquitos. Similar to those used on mosquito control trucks, backpack foggers are portable and allow the technician to target mosquitoes deep in your backyard or other outdoor space. By using a backpack fogger, Arceneaux ensures that mosquitos are quickly and effectively dealt with.

Termite Flow Meters


Late spring through early fall sees the spread of termite colonies. The winged “swarmer” termites leave their current colony to find a new place to settle and spread. Preventing this spread is what keeps your home safe from termite damage. In order to stop termites in their tracks, Arceneaux Pest Management uses a flow meter when treating with termiticide.

While many companies employ the “spray-and-pray” methodology, Arceneaux knows that the only way to ensure that your home is protected is to take the extra step and use a flow meter to accurately distribute chemicals used to eliminate termite infestations. Too little fluid won’t kill off all the termites, while too much (or spraying on over-saturated soil) will cause the termiticide to pool, which is also ineffective. By spraying the correct amount every time, Arceneaux ensures that any active infestation is taken care of and any future infestations are deterred.