Dealing with a termite infestation is about more than just getting the termites out of your home.


It’s about ensuring that they don’t do more damage to your home in the future. When you work with a termite control service, you are putting your trust in them to protect your home and family. At Arceneaux, we take that trust seriously.

Many pest control services don’t offer any type of termite damage coverage or, if they do, they use every excuse under the sun to wiggle out of it. But at Arceneaux, we operate under the motto: “If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.”

In addition, Arceneaux will offer an eligible home a damage repair contract that is approved by the Louisiana Structural Pest Control Commission. This contract is a $250,000 guaranteed-renewable termite damage replacement contract for homes that qualify. The contract covers damage that may occur from Native Subterranean termites as well as Formosan termites. Some homes are not eligible for our damage repair contract due to the type of construction, soil covering the foundation, or other conditions.

At Arceneaux, our goal is to provide you with the protection and service you deserve. If anything goes wrong, we’ll always make it right.


Pest Control Service

We also offer a quarterly pest control service that covers roaches, ants, spiders, mice, etc. All of our pest control services are guaranteed. Additional treatments while under contract with us are free. You will always have the same technician for your service. All calls are returned usually within one hour.


Learn More About Our Warranty

To learn more about our warranty and how Arceneaux Pest Management Service can protect your home, contact us today.