Joe Arceneaux has dedicated his career to being the best at what he does.


In order to ensure that he has a true expertise in pest management, Joe has been a Board Certified Entomologist (BCE) since 2000. As one of only 10 BCEs in Louisiana, Joe is part of a unique group of professionals who complete over 300 hours of training in order to maintain their BCE status. In addition to his hours of training, in order to become a BCE, Joe successfully passed a rigorous battery of tests, completed at least 7 years of full time work in the field, provided two letters of recommendation, and has made a commitment to abide by the Board Certified Entomologist Code of Ethics.

In addition to maintaining his BCE status, Joe teaches at the LSU Summer Pest Control Institute and conducts training at state and federally required re-certification classes for other pest control professionals. Joe also works with all his technicians to ensure that they stay up to date on all the industry training and innovation. When you work with Arceneaux, you know you are truly working with the best.