Assassin Bug


Assassin BugThis Assassin Bug was on the post of our newly built deck a few days ago. Assassin Bugs are ambush predators that feed on other bugs. They are usually found out doors and vary in size from 1/4 inch to an inch long. Although they don’t normally feed on humans, they can pierce human skin with their proboscis and have been known to transmit some diseases. They are also called kissing bugs because some species tend to bite people around the mouth. 

If you find one of these inside your home, it probably got there through an open door. A customer brought in a red-colored one that had bitten his wife, causing a red, swollen, painful area at the sight of the bite. If you see one of these, don’t try to pick it up or handle it. It won’t attack you, but it will defend itself.

A thorough exterior pest control service by Arceneaux Pest Management can greatly decrease the population of Assassin Bugs around your home.

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