Affordable Termite Control in Baton Rouge


Affordable Termite Control in Baton Rouge

Don’t Leave Termite Control to Chance

Termites aren’t called the silent destroyers of the bug world for no reason. If left unchecked, they can eat through your foundation and walls, wreaking havoc as they spread and multiply. The signs of a termite infestations are hard to detect, but a professional will know what to spot. If you are in need of affordable termite control in Baton Rouge, turn to the professionals you trust: Arceneaux Pest Management Services.

How Will I Know If I Have Termites?

How can you spot a termite infestation? Any kind of winged insect swarm is a sure sign. While you might associate termites with burrowing, some members of the colony (called swarmers) have wings. Their job is to find a new place for the colony to spread to. If you see a large group of swarmers, you’ve got termites. Other signs included:

  • Dropped wings, left behind by the swarmers
  • Damage to your walls, floors, or trim
  • Hollow wood found just about anywhere, including furnishings and furniture in your home
  • Mud tunnels on your slab foundation

And how do our technicians know how to find all of this? Because our owner, Joe Arceneaux, is a board certified entomologist (one of only 10 in the state of Louisiana). If you need termite control in Baton Rouge, don’t you want to get it from an expert?

Get Affordable Termite Control in Baton Rouge With A Guarantee

Once you know you have a termite infestation, the next thing you’ll need is termite control. In Baton Rouge, termite control companies are a dime-a-dozen, but Arceneaux Pest Management is the only one with a full guarantee: “We do it right the first time, or your treatment is free.” Also, all of Arceneaux Pest Management’s treatments are non-toxic to your pets and family.

Get the Best Termite Control in Baton Rouge

Why work with Arceneaux Pest Management to get rid of your termite problem? Our service doesn’t end with our first termite spray; we will inspect your property annually and offer any remedial treatments that you might need for free. Also, we are a local company, which allows us to give you the best and most convenient customer service possible. We always do what we say. That’s the Arceneaux guarantee.

Eliminate Your Termites Today

If you’re ready for a quote, contact us today! We’d love to hear from you about your termite problem and let you know our process for resolving it. Whether you’ve got a terrible infestation or you just need preventative work, we’re happy to help.

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