As residents, we learn at a young age to vigilantly protect our homes. But it’s nearly impossible to do it alone. Located in Denham Springs, Arceneaux Pest Management Service, Inc. is ready at a moment’s notice. No matter what sort of critter is squatting in your home, we can get them out!

We believe everyone should feel completely comfortable in their home. That’s why Arceneaux Pest Management offers top-of-the-line services:

Pest Control

Don’t try this at home, kids. Grab a professional to perform pest-control treatments. When you don’t know what you’re doing, this can be expensive, futile, and potentially dangerous. Arceneaux handles the following pests:

  • Roaches: Even if you see one roach, call us. Just one means that there’s more hiding in secret. You’ll have a big problem on your hands before you know it. Depending on the species of roach, your treatment might vary.
  • Rodents: If you find mysterious droppings around your home, it’s most likely rodents. We highly recommend that you don’t handle rodents on your own due to health concerns. A professional will clear out your home while making sure no one gets sick.
  • Spiders: While some spiders are nuisances, some can be dangerous. Hiring a professional will exterminate your infestation while also sealing their entry points.
  • Insects: Silverfish, ants, wasps, oh my! Any bug infestation can be a real hassle to get out. Our professionals can exterminate your issue and then make quarterly visits to make sure they stay gone.
  • Mosquitoes: It’s a constant battle to exterminate these from your home. Because these bugs thrive in Louisiana’s humid weather, they tend to move in swarms. It’s smart to spray for immediate results. Mosquito abatement will last for a few days.

Think you have a Bug Problem? Arceneaux Pest is here to Help!

Termite Control

Our termite control services include free inspections, custom control plans, real estate inspections, and residential and commercial treatment.

Termite Inspection

It’s truly difficult to tell when you have an infestation of termites. Any signs would be hidden within walls and underground. Contact an Arceneaux Pest Management technician to inspect your home to ensure no termites have been eating away at your home.

Termite Treatment

Handling these things on your own adds unnecessary stress to your life. It’s smart to have us take over for you. At Arceneaux, we have two different termite treatments to choose from: the Termidor Treatment and the Baiting System. Once your treatment is applied, we set up a follow-up service to customize a long-term plan to keep them away forever.

You can find Arceneaux Pest Management on Highway 16 in Denham Springs.

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