Arceneaux Pest Management Service, Inc. knows that. Being so close to the Mississippi River, Geismar has a fair share of issues with bugs.  During the summer months, pest infestations can feel exhausting.

At Arceneaux Pest Management Services, we believe you should feel completely comfortable in your home. That’s why we offer treatment in the following services:

Pest Control

Overall, Louisiana has a difficult time with every and any kind of pest. But please, never treat your home on your own. Performing pest control treatments when you don’t know what you’re doing can be expensive, futile, and even dangerous. Arceneaux handles these pests so you don’t have to:

  • Insects: Silverfish, ants, earwigs, or wasps. No matter if they’re harmless or not, a bug infestation is a big hassle to deal with. To ensure your home is taken care of our professionals come in quarterly to handle these issues.
  • Mosquitoes: Being so close to water, Geismar has a real issue with these tiny vampires. They just adore Louisiana’s hot and humid weather. And you’re probably lying if you say you’ve never been caught in a swarm before.  Mosquito Abatement service can work immediately and keep your yard mosquito-free for a few days.
  • Spiders: We all know the signs of a black widow, but not everyone can tell what other spiders are dangerous. Contacting a professional can remove any infestation while being thorough and sealing any entry points.
  • Roaches: When it comes to roaches, one is more than enough to need treatment. If you don’t, you might have a big problem on your hands before you know it. Depending on what kind of roach took roots in your walls, you may need a specific kind of treatment.
  • Rodents: Have you found tiny droppings scattered around your home? You probably are the victim of a rodent infestation. There are many health concerns when it comes to rodents, so we really recommend that you contact a professional ASAP.

Think you have a Bug Problem? Arceneaux Pest is here to Help!

Termite Control

We provide free inspections, custom control plans, residential and commercial treatment, and real estate inspections. You’re eligible for these services in any residential or commercial area.

Termite Inspection

When it comes to termites, many signs of infestation are subtle, hidden underground or within walls. The smart way to ensure that your home is termite-free would be to contact an Arceneaux Pest Management technician to inspect your place. We suggest annual termite inspections because you can just never be sure.

Termite Treatment

Termites travel in the thousands, making their infestations overwhelming and their damage devastating. Calling in the professionals takes the pressure off of you. At Arceneaux, we offer two different treatments to choose from: the Termidor Treatment and the Baiting System. Once the treatment is finished we have a follow-up meeting and make a long term plan with you to ensure the termites never return.

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