The average humidity in Gonzales is 76%, creating a perfect home for bugs such as termites. At Arceneaux Pest Management Services, we believe you should feel completely comfortable in your home without a second thought to these pests.

Which is why we offer exceptional work in the following services:

Pest Control

Louisiana struggles with the number of pests it houses. However, you shouldn’t manage this by yourself. Pest control when you don’t know what you’re doing can be expensive, futile, and even dangerous. Arceneaux Pest Management handles the following pests:

  • Insects: Any insect can cause a damaging infestation. Silverfish, ants, centipedes, what have you, it can be a real hassle. Call our professionals today to come to make quarterly check-ups. No added fees are applied for any services between quarterly visits.
  • Rodents: Rodents most commonly present themselves through droppings scattered around the home. Yuck. Please call and leave it to the professionals, because rodents have a bad history with causing health problems. Nobody wants to relive the black plague.
  • Spiders: The good thing about the itsy-bitsy spider was that he was on the outside of the house. No matter if they’re highly dangerous or just a small nuisance, you don’t want spiders in your home. Calling in the professionals ensures any infestation will be exterminated while also taking the time to seal any entry points.
  • Roaches: Just finding one roach is enough to need treatment. You see, roaches travel in large groups, so if there’s one, there are many more. Depending on what sort of roach decided to shack up with you, it can be difficult to get rid of them. Call a professional to determine what to do next.
  • Mosquitoes: It may as well be Halloween every night in Louisiana because these vampires move in swarms many nights. Thriving in Louisiana’s hot and humid weather, they’re impossible to avoid. It’s a constant battle to exterminate them from your property. The smart move would be to spray your outside home. Mosquito Abatement works immediately and lasts for a few days.

Think you have a Bug Problem? Arceneaux Pest is here to Help!

Termite Control

Arceneaux provides full termite control services for any commercial or residential area! Our services include residential and commercial treatment, free inspections, custom control plans, and real estate inspections.

Termite Inspection

We suggest annual termite inspections to everyone because of how devastating termite damage can be.
It’s often extremely difficult to tell if termites are in your home until it’s too late. They usually hide away in the walls or underground, eating at your home’s supports. Contact an Arceneaux Pest Management professional to inspect your home today.

Termite Treatment

Termites are one of the most overwhelming infestations to handle. Never do it on your own. To offer the most, we have two different treatments: the Termidor Treatment and the Baiting System. Once the treatment follows through, we meet you for a follow-up meeting to plan for the long term.

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