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Termites cause over one billion dollars in termite damage every year to Louisiana homes and businesses, according to the LSU Ag Center. And it’s not just big things such as beams and other structures, these pests even go for insulation and smaller items like rubber boots and Bibles. Termites cause more damage in Louisiana every year than fires, floods, and tornadoes combined and your Homeowner’s insurance will not pay for termite damage. When it comes to protecting your property in Zachary, rely on the best: Arceneaux Pest Management Service.

Free Termite Inspections

No matter if you do have termites or just think you may have termites, we’re more than happy to help. Schedule a convenient, free termite inspection with one of our qualified technicians. Our team can create a custom treatment plan for you!

Termite Treatment

At Arceneaux, we currently have two types of treatments that we live by. The first being the Termidor treatment. This is the most common treatment and makes use of a liquid termiticide. Virtually odorless and EPA-approved, this chemical treatment system is effective against current pests and is useful as a preventative measure. 

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Termites can cause some serious problems. So when you need help, call the best of the best to help you with your problem!