The Premier Baton Rouge Termite Control Company


The Premier Baton Rouge Termite Control Company

We know better than anyone how destructive termites can be to your home. With the 2018 termite season quickly approaching, it is essential that you protect your home with the proper termite control. We boast one of only ten Certified Entomologists in the state of Louisiana and offer premier Baton Rouge termite control.

Get Ready. Get Informed.

Did you know that termite damage causes more than a billion dollars per year in the United States? At such a grossly elevated number, it becomes apparent how important termite control is for being proactive rather than reactive. Did you also know that Baton Rouge is subject to higher rates of termite damage? There are 8-10 termite colonies of Native subterranean termites per acre in South Louisiana, and each mature colony consists of about 25,000 termites. This means that there are over 2 millions termites per acre. If you want more information on termite damage or live in the area and are interested in Baton Rouge termite control, give us a call! We want to lead you in the right direction.  

Get Started Now with Treatments

We offer several different treatments, customized to your situation and needs. The first method is the termidor treatment, which involves spraying a liquid termiticide around the designated area. We use Flow Meters to control the consistency of the spray. The second treatment utilizes a baiting system. We will set up traps that contain a lethal material to termites. The termite(s) that ingest the deadly material will bring it back to their colony, causing mass elimination of termites. No worries, though, the premier Baton Rouge termite control company is ready and willing to help solve your problem!

Get Above and Beyond Service with Arceneaux

Not only do we offer free termite inspections, but we deliver experience and passion that is unmatched. Our business is rooted in long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our customers are like family. We are always eager to talk on the phone, answer questions, or come out for a free inspection. We are here to provide peace of mind against unwanted critters.

Your House Can’t Wait. Contact Us Today!

Your home is a safe place for you and your family. Don’t let termites destroy this. The team at Arceneaux Pest is ready to help you achieve security from the threat of termites. Whether you want more information about termite damage, are interested in pricing, or are ready to get Baton Rouge termite control, contact us today.

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