Benefits Of Pest Control In Ascension Parish


Benefits Of Pest Control In Ascension Parish

Hopefully, you have not had to deal with any intimidating pests in your home. But many of us know, without the proper precautions, there’s nothing stopping your home from being a playground for all sorts of creatures. If you are thinking your home may be at risk, consider choosing pest control in Ascension Parish and contacting Arceneaux Pest Management. We have the trained staff to help tackle these pests and rid your home of any stress related to them!   

Pest Control In Ascension Parish Can Resolve The Dangers Of Infestations

Pests in your home are always unwelcome, but there are some specific health reasons Arceneaux Pest Management takes the job very seriously. The dangers of the various pests go much further than just being ugly.

  1. Mice: Your kitchen is where they’ll be looking for their food, but in the process these pests contaminate the area with a variety of diseases. Mice often leave a trail of urine where they travel, which could be on your countertops where you fix meals or in your cabinets and pantry where you store food.
  2. Cockroaches: These pests are coming from sewers and drainage systems, carrying all the diseases associated with that. They are bringing bacteria, pathogens, and a variety of parasites to the places you eat and store your food.
  3. Fleas: If you have a pet, you are already at a higher risk of fleas being tracked into your home or onto you. Often resulting in rashes, flea bites can become serious. In the worst case scenario, fleas can bring about tapeworm in its carrier.
  4. Rats: Of all the pests in your home, rats can carry some of the worst potential health concerns. Rat fecal matter that might be found in your home could cause liver, kidney and heart problems.
  5. Termites: These flighty pests are widely known for causing allergic reactions or even asthma attacks. Although not immediately, air conditioning units may begin to pick up termite dust. As this spreads around your home, it makes your family susceptible.

Your Free Home Inspection Is Only A Click Away

Contact Arceneaux Pest Management Service today to schedule your free home inspection and start the path to peace of mind. Our professional team of termite inspectors will provide your home pest control in Ascension Parish. We will assess which level of service would best fit your family’s needs. Give us a call today at (225)791-9911 or fill out our contact form to get started. We look forward to working with you to regain your home’s safety.  

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