How Can A Baton Rouge Termite Control Company Help You?

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How Can A Baton Rouge Termite Control Company Help You?

Your home should feel safe at all times, but unwanted pests can take that quality away if care is not taken. Arceneaux Pest Management is a Baton Rouge termite control company who specializes in inspecting and exterminating termites, all while giving you back your well-deserved peace of mind.

Benefit From Hiring A Baton Rouge Termite Control Company

Without proper inspections and precautions, termites can cause enormous monetary problems to your home. The damages are almost always inside walls or floors, which is the main integrity of the structural support.

We support getting your home inspected at the first sight of a swarm or singular termite to minimize the investment in future problems.

Are You Hearing Termites In The Walls?

Can termites be heard and not seen? Termites can be noisy pests when they’re burrowing through the wood in your walls, which you can very possibly hear for yourself. Some sounds you may hear are light buzzing or clicking and rustling; this is the termites searching for food in the wood. In addition, the soldier termites will begin head-banging to signal to the colony if they sense danger.

Most of the time, though, you won’t hear the termites yourself. You may see wings on the ground inside your home or around the walls outside. There might be some termites laying on the ground, but other than that the visuals stop there – these pests are mostly hidden.  

Termites Don’t Stand A Chance!

Our ultimate goal is to keep your family safe – termites are our specialty. Arceneaux Pest Management is your choice for a Baton Rouge termite control company. We are ready to provide you with a free in-home termite inspection to gauge your risk of infestation. Oftentimes, termites are hidden within your walls and you’ll never even see them until the problem starts to take over.

Contact us today to get your free inspection. We are available by phone at (225) 791-9911 or by filling out this contact form. Take back of your home with Arceneaux Pest Management.

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