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Angie's List, Award, Baton RougeIf you are a member of Angie’s List, you know how important it is to hire a company with an excellent reputation.

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Angie’s List Member Comments:
My family moved from New Orleans to Baton Rouge and we needed to find a pest control company for our new home.  After studying all the reviews on Angie’s list, Arceneaux Pest Management really stood out among the other companies.  Joe Arceneaux (owner) came out himself and inspected our home.  As he inspected, he explained everything to us in detail.  We knew we chose the right company after spending a few minutes with Joe.  He didn’t just try to pitch things to us to get us to choose his company.  He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about his trade.  He explained how the treatment process worked and made us felt at ease about concerns we had.  We asked dozens of questions about different insects in around our home and he spent time explaining what they were and which ones were of concern.  He is a walking insect encyclopedia!  We did not feel rushed through the process.  Joe made sure that all of our questions were answered before leaving.
We scheduled treatment for the following week.
We have a retention pond located behind our home.  We had been getting lots of rain and Joe did not want to pollute the pond with chemicals so he made sure to treat our home when it was safe for us, our pets and the pond.   This required two visits to safely treat the house.
When you set up an appt. with Joe and his people, rest assured, they will be there on time.  They keep you informed of everything being done and you can see they really take pride in their work.
My wife and I discovered some really dangerous looking spiders in our garage.  We took pictures of them and emailed the pictures to Joe.  He responded to us within a half hour on a Saturday night!  One of his techs scheduled an appt. with us to get a better look.  He came out and inspected one of the spiders we caught.  Turns out it wasn’t anything dangerous and he explained that we could treat or simply knock the webs away as we saw them.  Keep in mind, they could have made money off of telling us we needed to be treated, but they explained exactly what they were and that there was no need to worry.  Keep in mind that all of this was done free of charge!
Joe and his company are like that old fashioned companies of years ago that put the customer first, but they take advantage of the newest and best technology out there.  You will get the best of both if you choose Arceneaux.
Thanks Joe and company!
Mitch and Cheree’ Bodden
We thank Mr. and Mrs. Bodden for taking the time to give us this excellent review on Angie’s List!
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