Choose Arceneaux as Your Exterminator in Baton Rouge

Ants, Termites

Choose Arceneaux as Your Exterminator in Baton Rouge

What Exactly Do Exterminators Do?

Exterminators, also referred to as pest control technicians are responsible for exterminating pests of all shapes, sizes, and colors. This can range from mice to roaches and termites. To effectively do this, the exterminator must go through a series of steps to ensure the problem is eradicated. An exterminator will typically conduct a thorough inspection of the infected area, and create a plan of action accordingly. Once they have discussed various methods with the customer, they will schedule a time to exterminate the pests.   

What Methods Are Used for Exterminating?

The method of extermination usually depends on the pest being targeted and the severity of the problem. Physical pest control (such as traps), fumigation, sterilization are a few ways to get rid of unwelcome pests. The right method is truly dependent on each individual circumstance. No matter if you have termites, mosquitoes, or rodents, Arceneaux Pest Control offers free quotes. Once users fill out a simple form and attach a picture of the infested area, they will receive a complimentary quote in no time. You can sleep with of peace of mind knowing that Arceneaux has your back.

What Should I Look For in an Exterminator?

Sometimes it can feel that the options are endless when it comes to choosing an exterminator in Baton Rouge. It is essential to narrow down your list by looking for key differentiators of each business. Services to look for and questions to ask when choosing an exterminator include:

  1. Damage Warranty – does the company offer a damage warranty to protect your house from future infestation?  
  2. Free Quotes – can I get a free quote before I have someone inspect my house?
  3. State-of-the-art Equipment – does the company utilize the best equipment that the industry has to offer?
  4. Qualifications – is the exterminator a certified entomologist? Do they have all the qualifications and expertise to treat your house?  

With a one million dollar damage repair contract, free quotes, specialized equipment, and one of 10 entomologists in Louisiana, Arceneaux Pest has it all. To learn more about what makes us different, visit this page.

Make us Your Exterminator in Baton Rouge

If you are looking for an exterminator in Baton Rouge, Arceneaux Pest would love your business. Our first-rate service, competitive rates, and expertise makes the premier exterminator in Baton Rouge. Call us at 225-791-9911 to get more information.


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