Choose The Right Baton Rouge Pest Control Contract

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Choose The Right Baton Rouge Pest Control Contract

As the air grows warmer with each day, your home becomes a haven for all sorts of bugs and critters. Don’t wait until you have a problem! Having an annual contract will cover all of your pest concerns and save you money in the long run. However, you shouldn’t grab any old contract—you deserve the best in the business. That being said, make sure to contact Arceneaux Pest Management to employ the best Baton Rouge pest control contract you’ll ever see.

How Do Annual Contracts Work For Baton Rouge Pest Control?

When you choose our pest control contract, we like to offer options. We currently offer either a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual services. This is all so we can work on your time, without inconveniencing you. 

With Termite contracts, we do an inspection each year. Only when there’s proof of termites do we treat the home. Our annual renewals for termite contracts are nearly half the cost of national groups, so be sure to take advantage soon! While you’re protecting your home, why not look into our termite damage warranty as well? Because you deserve protection between inspections.

We always do what we say, or your service is free!

Our Termite Treatments

If your home is teeming with termites, we have options for you. Namely: Baiting or Liquid Termiticide. Here at Arceneaux, we’ll use one of these two treatments, depending on your situation and preferences.

  • Liquid Termiticide is the most common treatment used. It’s a super-effective treatment and preventive. In the event your home is infested, this choice is your best bet. Also, we use flow meters to ensure that our spray is consistent and depositing at the right amount.
  • On the other hand, the baiting system is perfect for smaller jobs, especially when you’re not sure of the termites’ location. These systems take advantage of the termites’ instinct to feed by combining food and termiticide. The well-fed termites then bring the food back to the colony and they share it, killing off the colony one by one.

After treatment, we follow up to ensure the termites are no more. Once confirmed, we offer a treatment plan to our customers. Our plans ensure you’re paying for something you feel comfortable with. 

Get Your Own Brand Of Baton Rouge Pest Control

Call Arceneaux today and get back in control of your home! Call our professionals at (225) 791-9911 or shoot us a message on our contact page. Clients also have the option to apply for a quote online to get started. With our quality products and treatment, your home will be—and stay—critter-free. Let us help you make that happen with our brand of Baton Rouge pest control!

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