Cicada Sounds

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If you live near woods, you may have noticed a strange humming sound over the last few days. Don’t be alarmed–it’s just the cicada. It’s a really interesting explanation. The sound you are hearing is the mating call of Brood XXII of the Magicidadas. This brood emerges once every 13 years to mate, lay eggs, and die. They are numerous, but they are not harmful, either to you or your pets. Cicadas make a loud humming noise when they are mating, but are otherwise an unobtrusive insect.

Check out these pictures taken this week by Jared, one of our termite technicians. Thanks, Jared, for the great pictures!

Cicada found in Baton Rouge
A few minutes later…

For more information about these interesting creatures, read this LSU AgCenter article.

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