Look No Further for An Exterminator in Baton Rouge

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Look No Further for An Exterminator in Baton Rouge

As you may have already noticed, bugs are back. With a short break from local pests during the winter season, spring brings new life to our local ecosystem. And once they make it inside your home, you will need an exterminator in Baton Rouge. Contact Arceneaux Pest Management and solve your problem before it starts. Do not wait until local pests invade your house. An Arceneaux exterminator will treat your mosquito, termite, roach, rodent, spider, and/or bed bug problem before it truly becomes a problem.

The Importance of Preparedness

Your home belongs to you and you alone. Don’t share a house with any pests. It is vital to treat and protect your home before, during, and after pests attack. An Arceneaux exterminator can manage the problem best by getting into your home early for treatment to prevent the first arrival. If it’s too late for that, and you’re already sharing your home, an exterminator is necessary at that point in time. 

Our exterminators in Baton Rouge are always customer service-focused. At Arceneaux, we do not want you having to handle any chemicals from trying to treat the problem on your own. Your only obstacle in clearing your house of pests is picking up the phone to call us! With warm, humid conditions almost all year-round in Baton Rouge, dealing with pests can be an uphill battle. Let us handle that battle for you! Our exterminators will work with you to schedule pest control services at your convenience, and remember we always do what we say we will, or our service comes at no cost to you.

Specialized Equipment That Gets the Job Done

At Arceneaux Pest Management, we equip our exterminators with only the best tools for the job. Our state-of-the-art equipment is specialized for each type of pest because at Arceneaux we do not believe in cookie cutter solutions when every pest problem is unique. Our exterminators in Baton Rouge use mosquito foggers and termite flow meters for each pest respectively.

Mosquito Foggers

A notorious Louisiana pest, mosquitoes are annoying, itchy, and can carry disease. With warmer weather here, outdoor gatherings will naturally occur. In Louisiana however, home remedies are not going to be enough to keep your property mosquito-free. Whatever the occasion, Arceneaux will keep your backyard safe from these blood-sucking pests by using backpack foggers to control the population. These backpacks produce mist that sprays over a large area which allows our exterminators to cover any amount of ground or terrain.

Termite Flow Meters

Late spring through early fall sees the growth and spread of termite colonies. Termites can cause devastation to homes especially if their presence goes unnoticed for any amount of time. Preventing their spread is necessary for the safety of your home and well-being of any neighborhood you may live in. Arceneaux exterminators utilize flow meters when treating with termiticide. Instead of taking the easy route by “spraying-and-praying” the termiticide, our exterminators make the extra effort to measure out the termiticide in the flow meter to accurately distribute chemicals and wipe out termite colonies. By always using a flow meter to never spray too much or too little, Arceneaux ensures that any active infestation is taken care of and any future swarm never settles in.

Contact Us Today

Call Arceneaux today at (225) 791-9911 for fast and reliable exterminators in Baton Rouge. Not sure about the current status of your home? Don’t forget to ask for a free quote when you call or request it on our website. Find the best Baton Rouge exterminators at Arceneaux Pest Management.

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