Baton Rouge’s Guide to Flea Control


Baton Rouge’s Guide to Flea Control

From mosquitos to wasps, it’s no secret that the warm weather draws more insects and tiny critters to Baton Rouge. With fall inching closer and closer, many of us are excited to leave the dog days of summer behind. We aren’t the only ones looking forward to the cooler temperatures, though. Did you know that fleas thrive in the fall weather? Baton Rouge residents and their pets can expect to see a surge in flea populations once the weather starts to cool down. Here is everything you need to know about fleas and flea control in Baton Rouge.

Can You See Fleas With the Naked Eye?

The short answer is yes, but not without looking closely. Fleas only grow to be about 2.5mm long, which is about the size of the tip of a pen. So, what should you be looking for if you suspect that you’re dealing with fleas? Fleas can be dark brown, red, or even yellow. Their bodies will look like tiny, oval-shaped bugs with an outer shell. 

What Are the Signs of a Flea Infestation?

If you have pets, they can be the best indicator of a flea infestation. A single flea may be challenging to spot. However, if you have an infestation, you may notice multiple tiny, dot-like insects in your pet’s fur. Have you noticed that your pets are scratching or biting their skin a lot more lately? Consistent scratching and biting are also common indicators of flea infestation.

How can those of us without a pet spot a flea problem? Fleas have powerful legs, making them excellent jumpers. Once they’re in your house, you can expect them to hop onto any surface suitable for laying eggs. (Pro Tip: Fleas love to jump from low surfaces. If you look closely, you may be able to spot them hopping from the floor and onto your furniture & drapes.)

Do Fleas Bite?

Unfortunately, fleas aren’t just an itchy nuisance for animals. Fleas are blood-sucking insects, similar to mosquitos and ticks. Blood-sucking insects will bite anything that can provide them with a blood meal. In some cases, female fleas are known to consume up to 15x their body weight in blood. What do these bites look like? Flea bites are red, itchy, and can be identified as red dots surrounded by red halos. These bites will almost always be on your ankles and feet since these areas are closest to the ground.  

Searching for Flea Control in Baton Rouge?

Are you seeking flea control services for your Baton Rouge home? Call Arceneaux. From silverfish to fleas, Arceneaux Pest Management is ready to help! What are you waiting for? Arceneaux serves 15 parishes, including Baton Rouge. If you suspect that your home may have some unwanted visitors, you can go online and grab a free quote today. Questions? Feel free to call us at (225) 791-9911 or contact us online today! Remember, if you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.

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