Formosan Termite Damage in Baton Rouge


Joe went to a home in Baton Rouge at the request of a real estate agent who uses our services regularly. She wanted a second opinion on a house she was selling that another termite company had under contract for a long time. Joe found massive Formosan termite damage to the soffit, fascia, rafters, siding, carport storeroom, and carport laminated beams on both sides (this is what holds the carport up).

Joe determined that the house was never treated per state regulations. Several of the attached slabs to the home had never been drilled. The contractor was there tearing out the damage. The estimated cost of damage repairs is $30,000.

We can’t emphasize enough just how important it is to have your home treated by a reputable company.

Formosan termite damage to carport beam, Baton Rouge
Formosan termite damage to carport beam
Formosan termite in Baton Rouge, Arceneux Pest Management
Formosan termite carton nest in carport beam
Formosan termite damage, Baton Rouge
Formosan termite damage to carport beam
Termite Damaged Rafters, Baton Rouge, Arceneaux Pest Control
Soffit plywood has been removed, termite damaged rafters are exposed.

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