Formosan Termites Are Swarming In Louisiana

Formosan Termites

Formosan Termites Are Swarming In Louisiana

We’ve got termite control technicians out in the field every single day this time of year. So it comes as no surprise that they can confirm that formosan termites are swarming in Louisiana right now. This is something we were expecting because the season has begun, but it still takes our customers by surprise each year. Already we’re fielding from panicked homeowners who want to know what they should do.

Formosan Termites vs. Flying Ants

Formosan termites often get confused for flying ants. This is true whether the customer has never before seen termites or whether they’re very familiar with the insects. However, our team is lead by a certified entomologist, Joe Arceneaux, who is well trained on spotting the differences.

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If you’re not sure whether you have flying ants or formosan termites, feel free to contact us through the form and include a picture of the critters you’re seeing. We’d be happy to take a look for you and let you know whether you have something to worry about. Regardless of what it is, we can help.

What Does A Swarm Mean?

Formosan termites swarming is a bad sign for homeowners, unfortunately. It means the termites are looking to nest somewhere new. With formosan termites causing more than half a billion dollars in damage each year in Louisiana, homeowners cannot afford to ignore them. That’s where Arceneaux Pest comes in.

Just because you have not seen a termite swarm does not mean it has not been around. After all, they are creatures that burrow in hard-to-get-to places and they largely fly at night. If you’re not sure, have a termite inspection done anyway.

Free Termite Inspection In Baton Rouge

Did you know Arceneaux Pest offers a free termite inspection in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Livingston Parish, or Ascension Parish? We’re happy to come out and take a look to see if you even need termite control services.

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