Formosan Termites Swarming

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The Cost of Formosan Termites

Two years ago, the owners of a $500,000 home decided $1,500 was too much money to spend on a preventative termite treatment. Having their home treated was not that important to them. This morning, however, they eagerly called our office wanting to schedule the treatment after having thousands of Formosan termites swarm out of their pool house walls!

Formosan Termites Denham Springs, Formosan Termites
Termite Mud Tunnel Swarm Castle


Formosan Termites, Formosan Termites Baton Rouge
Thousands of Formosan Termite Swarmers


Baton Rouge Formosan Termites, Formosan Termites
Termite Mud Tunnel Swarm Castle

Solving the Issue Before There is a Problem

Joe asked a contractor to take a look at the damage, and the contractor estimated the repairs to be around $6,000 to $7,000. The owners could have spent only $1,500 two years ago and avoided the panic of a Formosan termite infestation. Now they have to deal with the damages and hassle of having them repaired.¬†Homeowner’s insurance does not cover termite damage.

Spending  $1,500 on a preventative treatment in order to avoid spending $6,000 on repairs later sure seems like a deal to me. Have your home inspected and treated by a professional, as soon as possible!


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