What’s Included in a Free Termite Inspection

Termites are often called the “silent destroyers” because of their ability to chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper undetected. To prevent substantial damage, homeowners may consider a free termite inspection, which is offered by many pest control companies. But what exactly does such an inspection entail?

Each company is different, but here’s what you can typically expect when you sign up for a free termite inspection with Arceneaux Pest Control Services.

Initial Consultation

Most free termite inspections begin with an initial consultation, where the pest control professional will discuss your concerns and ask questions about past pest activity and any signs of termites you might have noticed. This consultation is crucial for setting the scope of the inspection. Of course, you don’t need to notice signs of termites to schedule an inspection. You can schedule this appointment for peace of mind—it’s just as important!

Visual Inspection

The core of a free termite inspection is a thorough visual check of all accessible areas of your home. Inspectors look for visible signs of termite activity and damage. This includes:

  • Mud tubes. Termites construct these earth-like tubes for movement, which are often found on exterior walls.
  • Wood damage. Inspectors will check for any hollowed-out wood, especially in areas where wood components come close to or touch the ground.
  • Discarded wings. Usually in spring, termites shed their wings after a swarm, which are often left near windowsills or doors.
  • Frass. Termite droppings or frass are a clear indication of drywood termite infestation and resemble small mounds of pepper or sawdust.

Moisture Assessment

Since moisture attracts termites, inspectors often use moisture meters to identify high-moisture areas susceptible to termite invasion. Checking for plumbing leaks and poor drainage is a part of this assessment.

Accessible Spaces Inspection

Inspectors will check accessible spaces like basements, attics, crawlspaces and any nooks and crannies where termites might hide. They ensure these critical areas are thoroughly inspected for any signs of live termites or damage.

Report and Recommendations

After the inspection, the pest control company will provide a detailed report summarizing the findings. This report typically includes:

  • Areas inspected. A breakdown of the areas checked, and the methods used.
  • Findings. Details of any termite activity or damage found during the inspection.
  • Recommendations. Advice or suggestions for termite treatment or damage repair, including preventive measures to protect your home in the future.
  • Follow-Up and Treatment

    If termites are found, the pest control service company will likely offer you a plan for treatment, which will come at a cost. They may also suggest regular follow-up inspections to ensure that the home remains termite-free. For instance, Arceneaux Pest Management Service will provide you with a detailed pest control plan that may include a Termidor treatment (EPA-approved liquid termiticide) or a baiting system.

    Termidor kills termites and is extremely effective. Our technicians use flow meters to ensure that the spray is consistent and even. Baiting is slower and involves placing bait stations around your home. The termites then bring the poison back to their colonies. Regardless of the method we choose, we’ll make sure that it is something you are comfortable with.

    Schedule a Free Termite Inspection Today

    A free termite inspection is a valuable resource for any homeowner. It provides essential insights into the current state of your home regarding termite activity and offers peace of mind or a call to action depending on the findings. We encourage you to take advantage of a free termite inspection from Arceneaux Pest Management Service. All treatments are tailored towards your needs and overseen by a Board Certified Entomologist. Schedule your treatment today!

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