Protect Your Home With Arceneaux’s Termite Warranty


Protect Your Home With Arceneaux’s Termite Warranty

Did you know your home insurance doesn’t protect against termites? And most home warranties don’t either. If termites damage your home, it could take thousands of dollars to keep your property intact and your family safe. Scary, right? Your home is your biggest investment. There has to be a way to protect your house (and your financial security) from these awful things!

Termite Insurance

Insurance companies won’t cover termite damage because termites are preventable. Though that’s a bit of a bummer, it’s kind of a relief knowing you can stop them! Homeowners can take steps to ensure they don’t fall victim to these wood-munching bugs. This is especially comforting in Louisiana. In this state alone, termites cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damages every year. Partnering with a skilled pest control company will keep your home termite-free. In fact, pest control companies are legally required to guarantee you won’t see live termites for a full calendar year.

If Only Everything Had A Warranty…

That got us thinking… there are so many other things in life you wish you could get a warranty on. You can get a warranty for your refrigerator, why not your kids? We know, you love them. But think how amazing it would be if you could have gotten a warranty that they’d be perfect little angels. As soon as they refuse to clean their room or start talking back—just send them in for a free tune-up! Warranties exist for cars, they should exist for college degrees too! If you don’t end up using it, or your salary is not a good return on investment, your warranty should take care of your student loans. Obviously, this is all wishful thinking, but thank goodness Arceneaux Pest Control can make a termite warranty a reality for your home.  

The Arceneaux Difference

It’s true that all pest control companies can (and should) guarantee against live termites.  But what about if they do end up causing damage to your home? Arceneaux Pest Control goes above and beyond the legal requirements. See if your home qualifies and enlist them for termite control and treatment. They’ll guarantee your home against termite damages up to a million dollars! Rest easy, Arceneaux’s got you covered.

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