Local Termite Control in Livingston Parish


Local Termite Control in Livingston Parish

Arceneaux Pest prides itself on being a local company. Our customer regularly refer us as the company to trust for local termite control in Livingston Parish. We’re involved in the Livingston Parish community from top to bottom and almost all of our employees and customers live, work, or play in Livingston Parish. Our owner, Joe Arceneaux, is a Board Certified Entomologist, who lives in Livingston Parish as well.

We’re a local termite control company is the point. We aren’t a national company just looking to make more money off of you. We want to provide the highest possible quality service and ensure that you are protected against the incredible damage that termites bring with them.

What Does Termite Damage Cost?

The cost of termite damage is pretty well documented. The LSU AgCenter has studied the subject extensively and has stated that more than a billion dollars per year worth of damage is caused by termites in the United States. Baton Rouge is within the main zone for termite damage in the United States.

How much does it cost you? That’s hard to say. The good news is that if you suspect termite damage or you’ve been scared because you’ve found a couple creepy crawlers, then you can give us a call and we’ll give you a free termite inspection.

How We Treat Termites

We treat termites through two main methods. First, the termidor treatment, which requires spraying a liquid termiticide consistently around the home or office. We control the consistency of this spray by using Flow Meters.

The second type of treatment is setting up extensive baiting systems. We place bait traps around the home which contain a material deadly to termites. Once they’ve ingested it, they bring it back to their colony, gradually killing off the critters.

How We Treat Customers

We know that we could not exist or be successful unless we had relationships with our customers. That is why we offer free termite inspections, why we take customer service so seriously, and why we always answer our phones or emails as quickly as possible. We understand ants, pests, rodents, and termites can be very scary and we want to get of them for you as soon as possible. If you need local termite control in Livingston Parish, we want to help.




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