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Mulch and Termites: The Ultimate Love Story


Mulch and Termites: The Ultimate Love Story

Mulch is a commonly used product that homeowners use for landscaping purposes. It is fairly cheap, easy to maintain, and looks good in comparison to rampant weeds. At Arceneaux Pest, we have personally witnessed the potentially costly repercussions of placing mulch too close to your home. Keep reading below to find out how you could potentially save hundreds to thousands of dollars by simply removing mulch and keeping a weather eye out for termites. Mulch and termites are just good for each other. Not good for your house, though. 

Mulch And Termites: Why The Love?

There are many misconceptions about the correlation between termites and mulch, but the truth is that termites and other bugs are attracted to mulch is because of the moisture. Mulch is typically used for landscaping to keep the environment moist, which allows for great growing conditions for flowers, trees, shrubs, and more. The moisture also provides a great environment for termites as well, unfortunately. This moisture allows termites to explore by digging thin tunnels in pursuit of wood. The mulch basically encourages this pursuit. So while the termites do not necessarily eat the mulch, it allows for greater survival in the pursuit of food (wood). This can result in large colonies to attract around your house, which we all know can become a huge problem. Mulch and termites are a real nightmare for homeowners.


If you currently have mulch as a landscaping element or were planning to use some in the near future, don’t fret! There are many paths you can take to try to prevent infestation.

  1. Get Termite-Resistant Mulch. Certain types of mulch actually repel termites. Cypress heartwood and cedar mulches fall under this category, due to their composition. Organic, wood-based mulches also discourage termites colonization around your house because they do not offer a source for heavy feeding.
  2. Remove Mulch. If you would rather avoid any risk associated with mulch, you can completely remove any mulch from your premises. If this seems like too hefty of a task, you can also move the mulch to be 12 inches or more from your home. This will prevent easy access to your house.
  3. Long-term Termite Prevention. Although termite-resistant mulch is better than typical mulch, using mulch in general increases your chances of termite infestation. Avoid this problem by using a pest management professional, such as Arceneaux Pest. We will completely treat your house so that you can sleep with peace of mind.

As they say, it is better to be safe than sorry. Especially when the sorry could cost thousands of dollars. Contact us today.

The Termites Won’t Wait, So Neither Should You

Termite season is here. If you are looking for a pest management service that provides quality service, has certified exterminators, provides a termite damage warranty, and has state-of-the-art equipment, Arceneaux Pest is for you. Whether mulch and termites are getting together in your yard or you’ve seen them swarming, call us at 225-791-9911 or contact us for more information.

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