Plan Your Perfect Party With Mosquito Abatement


Plan Your Perfect Party With Mosquito Abatement

The months between Thanksgiving and New Year’s are often the busiest for home entertaining.  But here in the South, our celebrating tends to start a little earlier. It’s that other most wonderful time of the year: football season. We all know that an away game doesn’t mean you can’t party—just move the tailgate to your house! Fall is also filled with costume parties, open houses, and cozy wine nights. From tablecloth tips to mosquito abatement, here’s how to throw a successful house party—inside and out.

Hunger Abatement

Keep it simple and pick up easy-to-eat, pre-made crowd-pleasers. Think sandwiches, chicken tenders, and dips. Or, channel your inner Emeril and cook up a Cajun-inspired menu of jambalaya and white beans. A fajita or nacho bar (or both!) is also low-key to prep and allows guests to choose their own delicious adventure. Keep the sides simple and encourage guests to bring their favorite snacks, desserts, and drinks. Down here in Louisiana, we usually end with too much food. Aim for simplicity to keep waste—and your sanity—at bay.  

Show Your True Colors

Save money over time by investing in reusable tablecloths and serving pieces. Buy solid colors instead of branded ones to re-use them for other events. Are you an LSU fan? Purple and gold are two-thirds of the way to Mardi Gras! Gold can also be repurposed in an autumnal palate for Thanksgiving. Buy a few bouquets of grocery store flowers and split them up in smaller bunches to give some dimension to tables. A little vase in the bathroom is a nice touch (along with a scented candle).

Think Outside The Living Room, With Fewer Mosquitos  

Obviously, you need a working TV with a good connection. Your friends love you but they WILL leave if the game’s not on. Is your main entertainment area outside? If your back patio features TVs, fans, and lounge areas, your guests will undoubtedly migrate there. The kids need to run around too! Even if the calendar says fall, it still feels like summer in south Louisiana. And summer means mosquitos. Consider getting mosquito abatement to de-bug your yard. Nothing ruins a get-together quicker than bugs buzzing and biting. And nothing ruins appetites like uninvited guests landing on your burger to steal a taste.

Mosquito Abatement in the Baton Rouge Area

Arceneaux Pest Control offers mosquito abatement in East Baton Rouge, Ascension, and Livingston Parishes. Contact us to decrease the number of annoying pests in your yard for several days. Perfect for homeowners, wedding planners, and corporate events, it’s an essential step to throw a successful party in south Louisiana. Got questions? Call us at (225) 791-9911. We want to help your event be the talk of the town!


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