It’s the Perfect Time for a Free Termite Inspection in Baton Rouge

Termite Inspections

It’s the Perfect Time for a Free Termite Inspection in Baton Rouge

It’s Time to Get Your Home Inspected

Now that school is out, it’s the perfect time to schedule a free termite inspection for your home. At Arceneaux Pest Management our free termite inspection in Baton Rouge is always free and always convenient. We will work around your schedule so that it’s never a hassle to make sure your home is protected. Whether you have a half hour after you drop the kids off a swim lessons or need us to come by as early as possible because you have to drop the kids off at camp, we can be there to provide a free termite inspection in Baton Rouge.

Trust the Arceneaux Pest Professionals

Our qualified technicians are friendly, courteous, and incredibly knowledgeable. Arceneaux Pest Management’s owner, Joe Arceneaux, is a Board Certified Entomologist and has committed his career to educating other pest control professionals, including his own staff. With only 10 Board Certified Entomologists in the state of Louisiana, that’s an expertise that’s hard to beat.

A Free Termite Inspection in Baton Rouge: The Best Protection

Once your free termite inspection is scheduled, we’ll come out to your home and look for the signs of termites. These include:

  • Signs of swarmers
  • Mud tunnels on your slab foundation
  • Damaged wood in your home, including in the walls

If we find signs of termite damage, our technician will create a customized treatment plan, just for you. We know how to protect your home and we’ll give you the tools you need to make the best decision for you and your family. With a free termite inspection from Baton Rouge based Arceneaux Pest Management, you’ll always be protected.

Arceneaux Pest is a Brand You Can Trust

Based out of Denham Springs, Arceneaux Pest Management serves the Baton Rouge, Ascension Parish, Livingston Parish, Denham Springs, West Baton Rouge, Plaquemine, St. Francisville, Prairieville, Gonzales and Walker areas. Arceneaux is a family owned business who always do what they say, or the service is free. That’s the Arceneaux Guarantee.

Schedule Your Free Baton Rouge Termite Inspection

Give us a call today if you’re interested in securing a free termite inspection in Baton Rouge! One of our technicians will be in touch to schedule a easy and convenient inspection.


Schedule Your Free Termite Inspection Today

Even if you don’t have a visible infestation, it’s always smart to get your home inspected. Remember, there are 8-10 termite colonies of Native subterranean termites per acre in South Louisiana. Each mature colony is about 250,000 termites, which means there are over 2 million termites per acre. A Formosan colony can have 1-10 million termites or more in a colony and eat 1,000 pounds of wood a year. Don’t delay; get your home inspected today.


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