Pest Control In Baton Rouge: 3 Ways To Keep Holidays Pest-Free

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Pest Control In Baton Rouge: 3 Ways To Keep Holidays Pest-Free

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year for many and we go all out on love, joy, and laughter. They also can be a time when unwelcome guests decide to crash your Christmas party. No, we’re not talking about crazy aunt Josephine and her fifteen feline companions, we mean vermin and creepy crawlies. Keeping that in mind, remember these helpful pest control in Baton Rouge tips for a Grinch-free holiday season!

Inspect What You Are Bringing In 

We all know what goes into decorating for Christmas—a multitude of boxes and chaos from the attic to the living room floor. After sorting through the mess and curating your holiday vision down to ten of the thirty-seven boxes, consider unpacking the contents outdoors and inspecting anything you’ll bring back inside. Make sure to pay attention to the folds within fabrics such as tree skirts and any wall decor. You should also apply this rule to real or artificial Christmas trees you’re planning to set up or bring into your home. This could release pests such as roaches, spiders, or rodents into your home if you’re not careful.  

Time To Get Rid Of The Cardboard

There’s a strong likelihood most of your Christmas decorations are in an assortment of cardboard boxes all over your attic or basement. These boxes sometimes sit for months on end, if not years before you sort through the contents. This can become a prime breeding ground for the likes of termites, spiders, roaches, and many rodents. So, consider switching to clear, sealable storage containers and make sure to thoroughly inspect before and during unboxing any cardboard boxes that remain in your storage repertoire. 

Keep The Kitchen Clean

The smells of the holidays are upon us as well! In the form of cookies and roast turkey, you can bring in family for miles and miles. Unfortunately, this can also bring around every ant, roach, and pest west of the Mississippi. When cooking this holiday season, make sure to clean up after yourself. This should include wiping down surfaces, emptying the trash, and not allowing dirty dishes to back up your sink. Make sure to sweep your kitchen thoroughly to get rid of loose crumbs because it’s better to be safe than infested!

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At Arceneaux Pest Management, we want to wish you a safe and happy holiday season full of your family and friends. If a holiday pest emergency occurs, give our team a call at 225-791-9911. We’ll provide you with a fast and friendly free quote when you call. When the pests from outside are frightful, and you’re becoming spiteful, get Arceneaux, Arceneaux, Arceneaux! 

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