3 Signs That It’s Time to Call a Pest Control Company in Prairieville


3 Signs That It’s Time to Call a Pest Control Company in Prairieville

If you’re a homeowner, it’s natural to not want to share your place with pests. After all, you pay the bills, and you add the many little touches that turn a house into a home. So, why should these creepy-crawly freeloaders get to benefit from everything you’ve built just to make a mess of it all? Of course, the answer is that they shouldn’t. But many pests initially sneak into homes without leaving any obvious signs. And, by the time they make their presence known, they’ve often already built their nests. However, if you notice signs of pests early, it can help you solve the problem before it gets out of hand. Learn about three signs that indicate that it’s time to call your pest control company in Prairieville.

#1. Droppings Inside the Home? Call a Pest Control Company in Prairieville

Pests tend to leave certain signs around your home that may not seem quite so obvious at first. And one of these telltale signs is their droppings. For something like a cockroach or other insect, the droppings they leave behind can be incredibly small. They’re dark spots that can easily be mistaken for dirt or even coffee grounds if you aren’t paying attention. Roaches may also leave smear marks behind on surfaces as well as dark brown egg capsules when the’ve begun to reproduce.

Of course, insects aren’t the only pests that can infest a home. Mice and rats can make their way indoors and wreak havoc as well. Rodent droppings can range from ¼” to ½” or longer. Locations where droppings are found more frequently are likely to be high-traffic areas. When you notice these signs, you know it’s time to reach out to our pest control company in Prairieville. 

#2. Musty Odors Inside the Home

If you notice a damp, musty odor inside your home, that can be another sign of infestation. As pests excrete their waste, it can leave behind a distinctive unpleasant odor that hangs in the air. For some pests, such as cockroaches, this odor is the result of pheromones that are released along with their waste. These pheromones can then be used to attract more roaches to the area. This, of course, will mean even bigger pest problems for homeowners. Don’t allow your home to be taken over by these dirty insects. Get the assistance you need with Arceneaux Pest Management Service.

#3. Sounds Coming From the Walls or Ceiling  

There are few things more unsettling than the sounds of scratching or shuffling coming from the walls or ceiling of your home. Knowing that creatures have made their way into your home is stressful enough. But more problems can come when they build their nests and reproduce in these spaces. And, because pests tend to carry diseases with them, they can pose a serious risk to your health. If you hear these kinds of sounds emanating from areas in your home, make sure to get a pest control professional to check it out ASAP.

Do You Need Help From a Trusted Pest Control Company in Prairieville?

If you’ve noticed any of these signs around your home, reach out to our Arceneaux for help. Our pest control company proudly serves Prairieville and many other locations across Louisiana. And we are ready to thoroughly check your home for pests, remove them, and keep them out. Call 225-791-9911 or contact us online to get an estimate or schedule a treatment. Don’t wait another day. Schedule a visit from our pest pros today! 

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