Swarming Termites Are in the Baton Rouge Area

Termite Swarms

Swarming Termites Are in the Baton Rouge Area

Be Aware of Swarming Termites in Baton Rouge

You may have heard or seen recently that there are large numbers or swarming Formosan termites in the Baton Rouge area. It is important to stay aware so that you can be proactive rather than reactive. If you see swarming termites around your home then a Formosan termite colony is nearby. Termites swarming is something that we see annually around this time. The culprits responsible for this annual swarm are the alates members of the termite colony that make the mating flight around this time of year. They typically start swarming at dusk and can swarm for several hours a night. Formosan termites must mate and get back to the soil in order to start a new colony. These pesky termites are subterranean, meaning that they live in the soil and typically attack houses through mud tunnels on the foundation of the house. Arceneaux Pest wants to ensure that you are not only informed but protected.

Be Prepared. Get Termite Control.

Termite talk might sound intimidating, but we assure you that with proper termite control treatment you have nothing to worry about. It is normal to see some of these swarmers in your home, as it is easy for them to get in through vents, door areas, sealed windows, attic ridge, and more. The important thing to remember is that swarming Formosan termites cannot infest your home, and will actually die within several hours if they do not make it back to the soil after mating. If you find swarmers inside your home and you have not had Arceneaux treat your home for termite control, then call us right away for a free inspection. The weather conditions at this time of year mean that spotting these swarmers is fairly normal. If you happen to see several hundred of swarmers with their wings still attached in your attic, bathroom, or kitchen, call Arceneaux Pest right away.

Your Termite Control Options

If you need peace of mind and are the “rather safe than sorry” type, we will provide a 100% free quote with no obligation. We even offer the ability for you to send a picture of the area you are concerned about so that we can accurately analyze the situation. If you would like us to come to your home for a more thorough look, you can schedule a free termite inspection with one of our highly qualified technicians. Once you become one of our valued customers, you are able to renew your contract annually, so that you feel confident knowing that you are protected against unwanted termite infestations.

Swarming Termites Are in the Baton Rouge Area. Don’t Wait, Contact Us Today.

Why Arceneaux Pest? Our termite damage repair warranty, state-of-the-art equipment and, and highly qualified technicians make us good at what we do. If you have questions, want more details about swarming termites in the Baton Rouge Area, or would look to schedule an inspection, feel free to Contact Us.


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