Taking Control of Termites in Prairieville


Taking Control of Termites in Prairieville

Trivia time! What weighs less than a milligram, thrives in warm, wet weather – and causes half a billion dollars in damage in Louisiana every year? If you guessed “termites” you’re correct, but you don’t want to experience this riddle in real life. Termites in Prairieville are doing damage, too. Don’t become part of that statistic.

If you suspect termite damage in your Prairieville home or business, take control and contact Arceneaux Pest Management. Your property could be slowly sustaining damage without your knowledge. Take steps now to defend your home financially and keep your family safe.

Protecting What’s Most Important

Arceneaux Pest exists with the singular goal of providing exceptional customer service. As a local, family-owned business we know the importance of protecting your biggest investment: your home. It’s where you relax at the end of a day, where you host holiday dinners, and where your family sleeps each night. With more than a decade of experience servicing the Prairieville area, Arceneaux Pest focuses on controlling and preventing termite damage to keep the roof over your head safely intact.

Think Like a Termite to Control Them

Unfortunately, termites thrive and multiply in the year-round heat and rain in Prairieville. Like most Louisianians, termites are social creatures (just one colony can number more than 250,000!) but this is one party you definitely don’t want to host. Another not-so-fun fact about termites? They’re sneaky houseguests, rarely coming out into the open, which makes them difficult to detect. If you see termites swarming, it’s possible they’re already making themselves at home. Call us to conduct a site visit to check for these invisible menaces – our services are always guaranteed!

Trust the Experts on Termites in Prairieville

To control a termite infestation, you need a customized plan based on the termite species, the soil characteristics, and the type of foundation your home is built on. Arceneaux Pest is here to provide exceptional service combined with specialized expertise. In fact, our owner and termite control expert Joe Arceneaux literally teaches the class on pest control at the LSU Summer Pest Control Institute. If termites have invaded your Prairieville home or business, call the experts at Arceneaux Pest to control them and prevent further damage.

Control Those Termites Today

If you need help controlling termites, contact us. Get a free quote, schedule a free inspection, or call us today at 225-791-9911. Whether you have termites in Prairieville, Ascension, East Baton Rouge, or Livingston, Arceneaux Pest can help.

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