How to Get a Termite Certificate in Baton Rouge

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How to Get a Termite Certificate in Baton Rouge

With so many options out there for an Exterminator, it is important to choose one that not only provides the right service but the right service for the right price. Arceneaux Pest prides itself on creating continuous value for customers through free quotes, exceptional customer service, and experienced technicians. If you are looking to get a termite certificate on your home in Baton Rouge, we would be happy to provide more details about the process and pricing. Whether you are a current customer, builder, or part of the real estate industry, we would be happy to provide a termite certificate for you.

Termite Certificate in Baton Rouge

There are several names for a termite certificate in the industry. Whether you call it a Wood Destroying Insect Report, Real Estate Termite Inspection, or simply a Termite Certificate, it is something that many people face during the home buying and selling process. That is why it is crucial to use a licensed inspector that is registered with the Louisiana Department of Agriculture.  We advise taking preliminary steps that aid in the inspection process, such as eliminating wood to soil contact, keeping at least 3 inches of your foundation visible if your home is on a slab, and not planting anything or placing mulch within two feet of your foundation. These steps will help the inspector make a more thorough inspection and reduce the likelihood of a hidden termite infestation. Regulations require that the home be inspected on the inside, as well as the outside, and including the attic.

Our Technicians are Certified

We strive to provide the very best for our customers by staying in compliance with state and federal requirements. Our commitment to excellent service is balanced with our dedication to staying certified in the necessary areas.Our owner, Joe Arceneaux, is one of only ten Board Certified Entomologists in Louisiana. He has been certified since for over 17 years, and continually encourages his technicians to stay up to date on industry certifications and best practices. Our expertise and passion for what we do are unmatched in the industry. Get the best, get Arceneaux Pest.

Termites Won’t Wait, You Shouldn’t Either!

If you are looking to sell your house soon and would need a Termite Certificate, Arceneaux Pest is one call or click away. Contact us today to get a free quote, or if you have further questions regarding a termite certificate in Baton Rouge. We are happy to help!

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