What You Need to Know About Swarming Season in Baton Rouge

Living in Louisiana offers plenty of benefits, including beautiful scenery, a subtropical climate and old-fashioned Southern hospitality. But due to its year-round warm climate, Louisiana is also a magnet for bugs and insects, and termites are no exception.

The warm, humid weather found throughout the Pelican State allows termite populations to thrive. The most common termites in Louisiana are subterranean termites and drywood termites. Being aware of when termites swarm and how long this lasts can help with termite control in Baton Rouge.

What Months Do Termites Start and Stop Swarming?

In South Louisiana, most subterranean termites start swarming from late March through July. They prefer to swarm during daylight hours, especially on calm days after a rain shower. However, drywood termites wait until late summer or early fall to start swarming, from August through November.

During these active periods, it’s not uncommon to see flying termites and swarms near your house. The only times that swarming stops is during the winter, between December and February. Even though termites are still active during this time, you’re unlikely to see any swarming activity.

How Many Times a Year Do Termites Swarm?

Termites swarm after their colony has reached full capacity and needs to start a new one. For most colonies, this happens once or twice a year. A healthy termite colony will produce swarmers and send them into the air once the conditions are right.

Termite swarmers (alates) are winged termites that have one purpose: reproduction. They don’t bite, sting or eat wood. They’re not even capable of building mud tubes! Since the wings on an alate are not meant for prolonged flying, they are at the mercy of the wind.

It is possible to find alates in your home if you leave your window open on a breezy day. But if you do, don’t panic. The swarmer may have been blown into your home and is not necessarily a sign of a termite infestation. Without a space to infest, alates die quickly due to dehydration.

How Can I Prevent Termite Infestations?

Since Louisiana is no stranger to termite infestations, it’s important to practice good prevention and control methods year-round. While one or two swarmers probably aren’t a cause for concern, a significant swarm is. Seeing 50+ winged termites is a sign that a colony exists somewhere near your home.

Here are some tips for preventing termite infestations:

  • Have a qualified pest control company conduct annual termite inspections
  • Address conditions on your property that can attract termite activity, such as improper drainage or leaky pipes
  • Remove access points, such as gaps around water and gas lines
  • Keep wood off the ground
  • Eliminate food sources, such as wood, plants, carpet and insulation (i.e., cellulose materials)
  • Address moisture problems in basement or crawlspace

Expert Termite Control in Baton Rouge

If you’re concerned that you have a termite problem, or that your home could potentially attract termites, contact Arceneaux Pest Management Service. We will conduct a thorough termite inspection and determine the best method for treatment. Our services are comprehensive and will ensure that your property is not only treated for termites, but also protected from future infestations.

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