What is the Best Termite Treatment in Baton Rouge

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What is the Best Termite Treatment in Baton Rouge

If you notice signs of termite activity in your home, you’ll want to call a professional pest management service right away. Left unchecked, termites can spread throughout the property and cause extensive damage. In fact, the damage can be so severe, it can become dangerous to live in!

At Arceneaux Pest Management Service, we take termite infestations seriously. Fortunately, we have a safe, effective approach to termite treatment in Baton Rouge – and it’s the only treatment you’ll need! We handle everything from start to finish and provide monitoring and follow-up treatments at no additional cost.

Our Approach to Termite Control

When you’re facing thousands of dollars of damage to your property, it’s important to have a pest control company you trust. There are a number of different treatment options available depending on the severity of the infestation. Here is what you can expect from our pest management service:

Liquid termiticides

Liquid termiticides are the most popular termite treatment option. This method involves drilling holes into the ground and injecting the termiticide into the soil around your home’s foundation. The termiticide creates a barrier that repels termites from entering your home. This treatment is effective and can last up to ten years, but it is not a permanent solution.

At Arceneaux Pest Management Service, we use Termidor, a virtually odorless, EPA-approved chemical treatment system. It kills termites and is incredibly effective – it even prevents future attacks! Our technicians use flow meters to ensure that our spray is consistent. Other companies just spray around, but they don’t know how much termiticide they are applying.

Baiting systems

Baiting systems are another popular termite treatment option. This method involves placing bait stations around the perimeter of your home. The bait contains a slow-acting toxin that termites ingest and take back to their colony, ultimately leading to the colony’s destruction. Baiting systems are effective, and they offer a non-invasive solution that is environmentally friendly.

Arceneaux Pest Management Service uses the Trelona Baiting System by BASF. We like it because it’s faster than other alternatives and we own the equipment. This puts us in control, which means you can count on us to keep your property termite-free!

Follow ups

A termite treatment is not the end of our relationship. We are committed to keeping you and your family safe, which is why we recommend annual inspections to ensure termites don’t return. Our team will create a custom plan based on your need and the severity of your termite problem.

Arceneaux Pest Management Service provides safe, effective termite treatment in Baton Rouge. Not only will you get to choose between a traditional baiting system and chemical treatment, but also you can expect all treatments to be supervised by a Board Certified Entomologist and annual inspections at no cost. To learn more about our termite treatment, contact us today for a quote!

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