Why Termite Treatment in Louisiana Is Non-Negotiable


Why Termite Treatment in Louisiana Is Non-Negotiable

If you live in Louisiana and you have not had a termite treatment recently, you have good reason to be concerned! According to the LSU Ag Center, more than $1 billion worth of termite damage is inflicted annually in Louisiana. That means that many years termites are among the most destructive forces for Louisianans, above tornadoes, floods, and fires in many instances, and sometimes more than all three combined. Now, those other threats are very visible and you’ll see them all over the news when they happen.

What Do You See When Termites Are Present?

Honestly, most people do not notice termites. They notice the damage after it’s far too late. However, we encourage people to look at their homes closely for the tell-tale signs of termites. This includes the following:

  • Termite
  • Termite damage in sheetrock or trim boards
  • Presence of Wings
  • Sagging Floors or Wood Pieces

You can search for any of these signs or ask an expert what they look like in order to determine whether you should be concerned. But, truthfully, they are pretty hard to spot. Our experts are trained how to do so–but they receive training from our founder, Certified Entomologist, Joe Arceneaux.

Termite Treatment in Louisiana: It’s A Must Have

Ultimately, whether you’ve seen evidence of the little wood-munchers or not, they could be there. Odds are, you’ll have a run-in with them sooner or later if you’re in south Louisiana. So, what can you do about it?

First, don’t panic. It’s a scary thought–bugs eating their way through what is most likely your most valuable asset. But, it’s also a problem we can absolutely solve.

Second, get advice. Call Arceneaux Pest and ask for advice on how to look for termites. If you want, we can come out and give you a free termite inspection

Third, be diligent. Even after you’ve had your home inspected. You should be taking preventative measures to stop termites from eating their way through your home. If you want, Arceneaux Pest can treat your home. We use our highly effective termite treatment systems and methods to work toward their extinction.

Why Arceneaux Pest

We’re a local company. That means we care when our neighbors hire us, or review us, or refer people to us. We’re also professionals, who care a great deal about the quality of work we do. We know that our reputation is everything and we strive to not only do great work but to perform great customer service too. Best of all, we offer free termite inspections!


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