Termites are Never Dormant

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Termites Do Not Lay Dormant

Termite swarming season is right around the corner in South Louisiana. With ten colonies per acre of soil on average, and each colony containing 2,000-3,000 termites, they are constantly devouring wood. Subterranean termites are the buzzards of the forest. They are very beneficial in eliminating dead wood, limbs, and other forms of cellulose in the forest. However, you do not want them munching on your home which probably contains 70%-80% wood. Subterranean termites are cryptic in nature and usually the only indication that they are attacking your home is a mud shelter tube (tunnel) on your foundation slab or pillars.

When Do They Come Out?

In the springtime in the south (usually from mid February to late May) two species (Eastern subterranean and Formosan) swarm by the millions on warm, high-humidity days. Often these winged male and female reproductives are mistaken for flying ants. But to the trained eye of a professional of a professional pest control technician, swarming termites are easy to identify. Many times termites swarm inside a home and it is the only indication that the home is infested. Once the termites are identified, a termite treatment plan is prescribed and the infestation is treated–stopping them from eating the wood out of your home.

Infestations and How to Prevent Them

I go to homes almost every week that are infested with these wood-eaters and this could have been prevented by having the home under a contract with good annual inspections being performed. Don’t wait, call us now to have your home inspected free of charge to determine if you have these home-wreckers infesting your home.


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