Termites in Baton Rouge Cause Hundreds of Millions in Damage

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Termites in Baton Rouge Cause Hundreds of Millions in Damage

Everyone knows that termite damage can be extensive. In Louisiana, this is a problem of incredible proportions. After all, estimates are that Louisiana accounts for about $500 million worth of termite damage annually. That means the Baton Rouge area, by even the most conservative estimates, likely accounts for hundreds of millions in damage.

That’s damage that happens in silence, without you knowing, to homes and businesses alike with no prejudice for who or what is contained within. It is our responsibility, as pest control and termite control professionals, to ensure our customers know the risks.

How To Avoid Termite Damage

One thing you can do to avoid termite damage is to have a termite inspection done at your home or office. Luckily, Arceneaux Pest provides a free termite inspection in Baton Rouge. But, other than taking us up on our free termite inspection, there are plenty of things you can do.

  • Don’t stack wood or pile wood alongside your house.
  • If you have wood near the house, like a deck, treat it.
  • Look for signs for termites, including mounds.
  • Call for an inspection the moment you notice wood.

If you do all this, you should manage to avoid issues. However, there are still plenty of times termites get into the wood of a home or business despite the owner following all these steps.

The Arceneaux Approach

How do we differ from other termite control companies? We could extol the virtues of our technology, our sprayers, etc. But the truth is that our difference is in customer service. Arceneaux Pest goes to great lengths to ensure that customers are seen to and that their homes stay termite and pest free.

We Kill Termites in Baton Rouge

If you’ve got termites, or you expect you might, then contact us as soon as possible. Even while you wait, termites could be munching their way through the support beams or door jambs. Don’t let termites in Baton Rouge do that to you!

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