The Cuckoo Wasp


These photos were taken by a Denham Springs resident a few days ago. This Ruby-tailed Wasp, also known as a cuckoo wasp, is found all over the world but is not commonly seen. Cuckoo wasps are parasitic, solitary wasps who lay eggs in the nests of other solitary wasps, like the Cuckoo bird lays its eggs in the nests of other birds. A cuckoo wasp waits for the owner to leave the nest, then she lays her own eggs in the other solitary wasp’s nest. The owner returns to lay her eggs, put food in the nest, and seal it up. The owner’s larva will not survive, because the cuckoo wasp will eat it and/or all the food in the nest.

Cuckoo Wasp, Wasp Baton Rouge Cuckoo Wasp, Arceneaux Pest

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