What to Do If You Have Bugs in Your Walls

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What to Do If You Have Bugs in Your Walls

Have you seen or heard signs of pests in your walls? Not sure what to do or who to call? If so, Arceneaux Pest Management Service is here to help. Our pest control experts serve Denham Springs residents and homes across Southeast Louisiana, getting rid of bugs and rodents. 


We understand that having pests in your walls can be unnerving, especially since it’s a problem that usually isn’t visible. It’s important to take action as soon as possible so that your home remains clean and safe. Here are some tips on what to do if you believe there may be pests in your walls. 

Identify the Pest Type 

The first step is to identify the type of pest that has invaded your home. This will make it easier for you to find the best solution for getting rid of them. Common household pests include ants, roaches, bedbugs, spiders, and mice. Once you know what pest you’re dealing with, it’s time to figure out how they got into your home in the first place.  

Find the Source 

Figuring out how pests got into your walls will help pinpoint where the problem is coming from and how best to fix it. For example, you may notice ants entering through a crack or small opening near an exterior window. This may be a sign that there is an entry point nearby that needs to be sealed off. Other common entry points include gaps around doors and windows or areas where wires or pipes enter your home. 


It’s also important to make sure there are no food sources nearby that could attract pests into your home. This includes pet food dishes or crumbs left on kitchen counters. Additionally, decluttering your home or yard can also help reduce hiding spots for pests. Keeping your house clean and dry can also make it less attractive for pests looking for somewhere warm and cozy to hide out in your walls.

Call a Professional 

Once you have identified the source of the problem, make sure to seal off any entry points. Next, it’s time to call trusted pest control professionals in Denham Springs. Arceneaux’s experts can help to eliminate any remaining pests in your walls. They’re trained to use specialized tools and treatments to get rid of unwanted guests in your home quickly and effectively. They can also provide advice on how best to prevent future infestations from occurring again in the future.  

Need Pest Control Services for Your Denham Springs Home?

No one wants bugs living inside their walls! If you suspect a pest problem in your home, don’t wait until it becomes worse before taking action. Identify the type of pest, locate its source, and call a professional for assistance right away! With help from pest control experts serving Denham Springs, you can rest assured that any bug problems inside your walls are taken care of quickly and efficiently. Call 225-791-9911 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. Let our professionals help you get back to enjoying life without worrying about pesky critters invading your space!

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