Affordable Baton Rouge Termite Control For Your Home


Affordable Baton Rouge Termite Control For Your Home

Have you heard the term “invasive species?” These are living organisms who invade somewhere they don’t belong. They then drain the resources and create a dangerous imbalance. Here in Louisiana, nutria rats are an example of an invasive species living in our swamps. These non-native rodents are eating away the marshland and contributing to coastal erosion. Affordable Baton Rouge termite control can halt any damage that is being done to your home.

Termites as an Invasive Species

Termites actually do some good when they’re in their proper environment. In forests, they recycle dead trees into new dirt. Termites also create tunnels that bring oxygen into the soil and help plants thrive. But in your Baton Rouge home, termites are a dangerous (and expensive!) invasive species and should be treated like it.

Protect Yourself in Baton Rouge

We love living in Louisiana. The food, culture, and music all contribute to a great family lifestyle. Unfortunately, Louisiana’s heat, humidity, and vegetation contribute to a great termite lifestyle. It’s important you control them to protect your biggest investment—your home. You should know, termites in Baton Rouge cause hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage to residential, commercial, and public property.

Each termite invasion is unique. The type of soil, the species of termite, and your home’s foundation can all determine the treatment plan. You need a customized termite plan to best control this dangerous situation. Termites are the invaders and you’re the king of the castle fighting back. Baton Rouge termite control is a weapon you want on your side of the battle. Enlist Arceneaux Pest Management Service to be your foot soldiers.

Plan Your Attack

A termite inspection should be your first priority. Think of it as a reconnaissance mission to ensure you know all the details about your enemy. The evidence termites leave behind can be subtle. Experts at Arceneaux know how to check all their favorite hiding spots. Even if you don’t see damage, an annual termite inspection is a good idea to control termites. Yearly visits stop and eradicate termites before they do any costly damage.

If we find termites during the inspection, treatment is the next step. As mentioned before, the type of treatment depends on many factors. Arceneaux has the experience to deal with each individual infestation. We’ve seen it all over our 15 years of dealing with  Baton Rouge termite control. We’ve learned how to conquer it all.

Baton Rouge Termite Control by Arceneaux

We hope you never have to deal with the headache and expenses of an invasive species. But if the unfortunate happens, we’re here to defend your home. Do you suspect termites have invaded your home environment? Do you want the peace of mind of an inspection?

Get Termites Under Control

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