Is Pest Control Necessary In Winter?

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Is Pest Control Necessary In Winter?

It’s a common misconception that pests disappear when the winter months come rolling in. Although you’re more likely to stop seeing as many insects in the winter months, that doesn’t mean they’re not there. During winter months, the warm environment of your home encourages insects and pests to make their way inside instead. This leaves you with a house full of pests that you might not even know about.

Winter weather isn’t the only reason pests make their way inside your home. Food sources dry up, and insects must use what little energy they have to stay alive. These resources are limited, so pests strive to find the most abundant sources of food. Unfortunately, during the winter months, these food sources can be within your walls. 

Keeping Your House Pest-Free

Keeping your house pest-free gives you a certain peace of mind. During the winter months, it’s vital to keep up with pest management. Some think just because they’re not seeing many pests active, they’re off the hook for the season. This type of thinking can lead to a full-blown infestation. So maybe you’re wondering what you can do to keep the pests out. Our experts at Arceneaux Pest Control have compiled a list of preventative maintenance help to ensure your home is winter-ready.

  • Eliminate moisture inside your home — pay special attention to leaky pipes and clogged drains. Your kitchen and your bathroom need special attention especially. These are the two areas of your house most vulnerable to insect infestation.
  • Seal cracks and holes you find in the exterior of your home. Pay special attention to where your utilities are hooked up. Rodents can fit inside holes that are less than the diameter of a dime. 
  • Rodents LOVE to hide in clutter. The more organized your storage spaces are, the less of a chance that rodents and other pests have to reproduce and cause further problems. 
  • If there are holes, make sure all your window screens are up-to-date and patched up. Also, be sure to check the sealant around all doors and windows. Even the smallest hole is a way in.
  • If your home has a basement, make sure the area is well ventilated and free of moisture. Be sure to replace loose bricks and weather stripping from around the foundation and windows.

Get The Best Baton Rouge Pest Control Service

Preventative maintenance might be enough for some homes, but in Louisiana, pests can be more resilient. So when you’re experiencing an infestation, simple home remedies might not be enough. That’s where the experts at Arceneaux Pest Control come in. Trust the experts to inspect, treat, and prevent any pest issues you may be having. 

Our Baton Rouge pest control technicians are all about customer service. Call us today at (225) 791-9911 or fill out a form to get your 100% free pest control estimate. We look forward to giving you a helping hand and making sure your home stays pest-free.

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