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Tips for Quality Pest Control In Baton Rouge

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Tips for Quality Pest Control In Baton Rouge

Your home is your sanctuary, your escape. When we’re finished with a hard day’s work, many of us go straight home and relax with the family. But when your peace of mind at home is threatened by pests such as spiders, roaches, termites, and rodents, you can start to feel anxious and uncertain about the […]

Spiders and Mice

Rodents, spiders

Spiders and Mice

Spiders Eat Mice, True or False? Take a look at this Viral Video of a Spider Carrying a Mouse. Spiders are creepy enough, but a spider carrying a small rodent is super creepy. This may just look like just another social media hoax, but a large spider feeding on a small rodent is not uncommon. In […]

The Livingston Business Journal Article

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The Livingston Business Journal Article

Arceneaux Pest Management Featured in Journal Article Arceneaux Pest Management was recently featured in an article that appeared in The Livingston Business Journal. Here’s a portion of the article, with a link to read the full article on the Journal’s website. Many thanks to the Livingston Parish Business Journal for the profile and for being so […]

Rodent Sabotage


They could be lurking in your house, even as you sleep…