The Buzz About Finding An Exterminator in Denham Springs

Pest Control

The Buzz About Finding An Exterminator in Denham Springs

Pests giving you hives in more ways than one? We understand. They’re a real hassle to deal with, especially on your own. And with the air getting warmer, soon enough pests will run rampant. You need to protect your home before, during, and after pests strike. But sometimes, you’re just not in time to prevent their arrival. So you need to call in the exterminator! Arceneaux Pest Management provides the best extermination Denham Springs has seen. Help endanger a species with Arceneaux.

Control Pest Ant-ics!

Louisiana is the perfect weather for most pests of all shapes and sizes. Year-round warm and humid conditions don’t leave much time for hibernation. Therefore, it’s important to always remain diligent. At Arceneaux, we handle the following pests:

Any one of these pests can turn your home or backyard into their playground. Since your home is designed to hold four inhabitants and not four million, this isn’t ideal. To rid yourself of these pests, it’s best to have a professional treat your home instead of doing it yourself. Your home deserves to be pest-free.

Wood You Like To Hear About Our Termite Services?

With termite season coming up, we’d like to remind our customers to treat their home before a swarm strikes. Termites cause devastating damage to homes costing thousands of dollars. Louisiana accounts for 20% of the nation’s annual termite damage. In our part of the country, termites are no joke. Let us help you with our termite services.

Arceneaux offers a free termite inspection to our customers. To the untrained eye, finding termites can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. So it’s important to get ahold of the situation, even if you aren’t sure that you’re suffering from an infestation. To ensure that you’re home remains safe, be sure to invest in our annual termite contracts after the initial treatment. We are nearly half the cost of the national companies but offer a higher level of customer service.

We’ve streamlined our termite treatment so you can have us in and out quickly. Currently, we offer two treatments: the Termidor Treatment and the Baiting System. The Termidor Treatment is our recommended and most common treatment that uses liquid termiticide. The Baiting System is slower and uses bait stations. The termites enter and bring the ‘food’ back to their colony, where it gradually kills them off. Afterward, we follow up to ensure your home is termite free and create a plan for your future. Get yourself an exterminator in Denham Springs that won’t let you down.

Call A Pest-istant Exterminator In Denham Springs

Call Arceneaux today at (225) 791-9911 to rid yourself of these pest-istant critters. Not sure about the status of your home? Grab a free quote from us. If you have a question for us, please feel free to use our contact form. We answer as soon as possible because our clients are important to us. You deserve a pest-free home. Find the best exterminator in Denham Springs at Arceneaux Pest Management.

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