Take Charge With Mosquito Control In Baton Rouge


Take Charge With Mosquito Control In Baton Rouge

With the air heating up, mosquito season is upon us! Because of stormy weather leaving puddles behind, everywhere is a mosquito’s playground. There are actually over 3000 different species of mosquitoes. In Louisiana, 68 of these species thrive. So many pests shouldn’t mean that you should cower in your home. Get in control of your home with the best mosquito control in Baton Rouge. Call Arceneaux Pest Management today.

Abatement Mosquito Control In Baton Rouge

Spraying your home is the most common way to be rid of these pests. Choose mosquito abatement with Arceneaux Pest when you want your yard mosquito free for a few days. Barbeques, birthdays, weddings—it’s always a good idea to spray to have a pest-free event.

Abatement with Arceneaux usually takes 20-30 minutes on average-sized lots. Once dry, it is completely safe to walk and play in. Due to its safety, you don’t have to worry about any children or pets getting sick. Make your yard a fun place again.

Mosquito-Proof Your Home!

Abatement can work for several days after application. On the other hand, some locations find mosquitos to be a hassle year round. For long-term help, it never hurts to mosquito-proof your home. So get your yard back from these pests!

  • Plant mosquito-repelling flowers. Everyone is picky about certain scents, including mosquitoes. These creatures dislike flowers like lavender and marigolds and also herbs such as basil. Plant these around your home as the first line of defense.
  • Remove standing water. Mosquitoes thrive and breed in standing water. In the second-wettest state in the country, water isn’t a foreign concept to us. For that reason, take the time to fill in any holes or remove standing water to prevent larvae and eggs.
  • Clean out your gutters. Clogged gutters culminate enough standing water to lay eggs in. Taking the time to clean these regularly prevents an outbreak right over your head. Investing in gutter guards can help if it’s a constant problem.

These DIY tricks won’t keep away ALL mosquitoes. However, choosing abatement will leave your home mosquito-free in times of need. Contact Arceneaux Pest today for the best mosquito control in Baton Rouge.

Contact Arceneaux For Premium Mosquito Control In Baton Rouge

With 68 species to deal with, it can be hard to handle on your own. With this in mind, call Arceneaux Pest Management to get your home back today! Located in Denham Springs, we serve the surrounding areas with pride. Get a free quote from us today to get started on your home’s pest control. Need to ask us a question? Feel free to call us at (225) 791-9911 or contact us online. Find the best mosquito control in Baton Rouge with Arceneaux. Because you deserve to walk freely in your own yard!

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