Should You Pursue Pest Control in Baton Rouge During Winter

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Should You Pursue Pest Control in Baton Rouge During Winter

When temperatures plummet and winter takes hold, many homeowners assume that pest control in Baton Rouge becomes unnecessary. However, the belief that pests disappear entirely during the colder months is a common misconception. As a matter of fact, some pests can actually become more of a nuisance during the winter as they search for food and shelter.

Let’s learn more about why it’s important to continue pest control efforts even in the winter season.

Understanding Winter Pest Behavior

Contrary to popular belief, certain pests remain active or seek refuge indoors during the winter months. While some insects and rodents may hibernate or reduce activity levels in the cold, others actively seek shelter, warmth and sustenance inside homes. Furthermore, pests can sneak in through the tiniest gaps and cracks, so you may not know who has moved in until a full infestation develops.

Pests’ Drive for Shelter and Food

Winter’s chill prompts pests like rodents, spiders, cockroaches and certain insects to seek shelter indoors. Your cozy home offers continuous warmth and access to food, which is why it’s an attractive haven for unwelcome guests. Attics, basements, crawl spaces and wall voids also offer ideal hideouts for pests seeking survival during the winter.

Why Continue Pest Control in Winter

You don’t want to let your guard down in the winter. Here are some reasons why:

  • Prevent infestations. Conducting pest control during winter helps prevent infestations before they start. Targeting pests seeking shelter indoors can significantly reduce the risk of a full-blown infestation later on.
  • Address existing issues. If you’ve had pest issues in the warmer months, continuing pest control efforts in winter ensures that any lingering problems are addressed before they escalate.
  • Prevent property damage. Rodents seeking warmth indoors can cause extensive damage by gnawing on wires, insulation and wooden structures. Winter pest control helps prevent such damage.
  • Protect health and hygiene. Pests carry diseases and allergens. Addressing them in winter ensures a healthier indoor environment for you and your family.

Winter Pest Control Approaches

There are several steps you can take for winter pest control. First, inspect and seal all entry points, such as cracks, gaps and crevices around windows, doors and utility lines. This will help keep pests out. Second, schedule a pest control inspection so that a qualified pest professional can identify areas of vulnerability. Depending on what they find, they will create a targeted plan for you.

Keeping your home clean and clutter-free is also a good way to reduce pest activity. Sweep and vacuum regularly, make sure food is securely stored in the pantry or cabinet and eliminate potential nesting areas. Finally, talk to your exterminator about certain pest control methods that are tailored for the winter months.

Expert Pest Control in Baton Rouge

Continuing pest control efforts in winter is crucial to prevent pests from seeking shelter and causing potential issues within your home. To schedule a free pest inspection, contact Arceneaux Pest Management Service today. Our experts will let you know if you have any problems that need to be addressed, along with steps you can take to keep your home pest-free this winter and beyond.

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